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Lefed hat / wheel for creative hair colouring is a professional tool that allows to create unique colour combinations and makes easier to create ombre and sombre hair colour effects. The hat is made from special light foam that is easy to wear and adjust on customer's head. It is also colour-safe, easy to clean and reusable. Your customers will love their hair colour created with Lefed's hat. 

The Lefed hat / wheel is available in 2 diameters:

  • 60 cm in diameter
  • 80 cm in diameter

See how easy it is to colour hair with Lefed hair colouring wheel.

  1. Apply hair colour at root area if needed. Tie hair in a high ponytail.
  2. Place the hat on the head. Adjust it by rotating it left and right.
  3. Colour the hair.
  4. After hair colouring, remove the hat by turning it left or right and pull away from head.
  5. Clean the hat with water and mild soap, leave to dry or wipe with clean cloth.


Turn the wheel gently on the head - the inner teeth should bent and fit to the shape of the head.

To keep the wheel secure, the teeth have to work sideways - never up and down. They must not stick up or down.

For small heads, please use wheel inserts.

Brand Lefed

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Lefed Hair Colouring Hat / Wheel

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