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Modern methods of hair removal have recently become very popular in the cosmetic market. We offer you state-of-the-art cosmetic and medical lasers for salons. Our device offers effective, painless epilation of unwanted hair. Invictus diode laser is one of the best hair removal equipment. Invictus is a cosmetic device that provides quick treatment and, thanks to its unique cooling system, ensures complete absence of pain.

Diode laser is a top class device for permanent hair removal for professional aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. Invictus guarantees 98% efficiency and unprecedented durability of epilepsy that you will perform in a short time. The easy-to-use device removes unwanted hair after four painless treatments, leaving no mechanical damage to the skin.

The laser beam has an ideal length of 808 nm . The emitted wave is absorbed by melanin, and the supplied laser energy is converted into heat irretrievably damaging the wart. This leads to the inhibition of any cell division in the treated areas.

Only the Invictus diode laser guarantees such a high efficiency of epilation, and an incredible 20 million shots without the use of gel primer, as is the case with competing devices.

INVICTUS - permanent facial and body depilation

INVICTUS is a device designed to permanently remove unwanted hair. Provides quick treatment, plus a unique cooling system - painless. The diode laser is easy to use, with an intuitive touch screen, but its head is shaped to work with it.

INVICTUS treatments are very well tolerated by the skin. They leave no mechanical damage and the end result is lack of hair and smoothness. An additional advantage of the diode laser is the low cost of surgery, thanks to the long life of the paw, which can withstand up to 20 million shots.

INVICTUS is ideal for professional aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. The easy-to-use device removes unwanted hair after four painless treatments, leaving no mechanical damage to the skin.

Invictus diode laser

  • smooth skin around the face, removed mustache or beard
  • no body parts selected: back, forearms, legs, 
  • fingers, armpits, intimate areas, abdomen
  • removal of hirsutism (simultaneous endocrine therapy)

How does a diode laser work on the hair?

The light emitted by the INVICTUS laser is absorbed by the dye of the hair, which causes damage and then the gradual disappearance of its bulb. A beam of rays damages the hair follicle by absorbing energy through melanin. As a result, it leads to hair loss. The appropriate beam length damages the dye, causing follicular stem follicle to disappear.


Keep in mind that not all hair grows at the same time. Laser light only works on those that are in the growth phase (about 30%). The rest is in the sleep phase, after which the active growth of the new hair begins. Therefore, for depilation to bring satisfactory results it is worth repeating 4-5 times. The results of depilation depends on many factors, such as the color and thickness of the hair, its type, skin phototype, age or hormonal balance.

The INVICTUS LED has an optimum head size that uses the laser beam most effectively. In addition, thanks to a special cooling system, you can choose the right temperature for different depths and phototypes of the skin.

How does the diode laser work?

INVICTUS guarantees 98% efficacy and unmatched durability of epilepsy that can be performed in a short time.

Diode laser has a laser beam of the ideal length of 808 nm, whose wave is best absorbed by melanin. Absorbed by pigments, the light turns into heat transferred to all hair elements. The resulting temperature inside the hair leads to overheating and damage to the wart. This results in complete inhibition of further hair growth.

The device has an optimum size of the 13 × 15 mm head, which uses the laser beam in the most efficient way. In addition, INVICTUS is equipped with a cooling system operating in the range up to -10 ° C, which allows you to choose the optimal temperature for different depths and phototypes of the skin.

INVICTUS LED is also equipped with software prepared for this type of device. It allows you to select the right program for the client's skin in an intuitive way.

Benefits of permanent laser epilation

  • The effects of 1 treatment correspond to an average of 3 treatments performed by IPL, E-LIGHT, SHR, sPTF
  • German emitters guarantee high efficiency, long life and safety
  • Treatment spot 13 × 15 mm - provides a short treatment time
  • lightweight, comfortable treatment head
  • The operation is performed even on minimal parameters, it is very effective and at the same time prolongs the life of the head
  • short time of surgery
  • low cost of surgery, thanks to high lamp life
  • no need for gel primer
  • creating a high energy pulse, which translates into greater effectiveness of the treatments
  • INTERLOCK protection
  • medical certificate CE
  • guarantees safety

New software with skin phototype selection

The latest INVICTUS laser hair removal lasers thanks to our efforts have been equipped with dedicated software prepared only for this type of device. The software allows you to select the right program for your client's skin.

You do not have to remember what parameters to use before the surgery, thanks to the ready programs it is enough to make the head ready for surgery.



Many people have asked us what is the difference between our INVICTUS diode laser or other similar price shelf, and the leading brands' diode lasers for several hundred thousand zlotys

In the case of devices with a similar price shelf or cheaper than our diode laser, we know from experience that they have weaker emitters. Such devices with weaker components are available in our offer, but their effectiveness can be felt.

In the training center we have the opportunity to test different diode lasers. Their effectiveness varies and it really depends on the quality of emitters installed in them. The same device in exactly the same housing can have two different prices that result from the class of installed components that are the most expensive part of the device.

Thanks to many years of cooperation with manufacturers of cosmetic devices we have the possibility to influence the quality of installed components in devices designed for our customers. This ensures that our selected devices are as efficient as the higher end shelves.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the film, showing how little power is lost in our laser diode for permanent body depilation.

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